Bethany Lewis

Bethany recently woke from a Zombie haze in the basement of one of the old college buildings. She doesn’t know anything about the world, or how to be a Zombie, but she is ready to learn.

Lily Rogers

LIly is a Reptilian, originally from the southern pole of the Hollow Earth. She is the owner of the Pet Shop of the Damned. She is looking for that special someone to live out her many future years with. She is into Animal Crossing 72 and aims to have a cozy aesthetic to her home and life. She is a little cheap, but also generous.


Ocellis is a cyclepus (sigh-clee-puss), a one eyed talking rabbit. He is sarcastic and wise beyond his two years on the planet. As each year of human life is like 5 to a cyclepus he is kinda like Bart Simpson if he was furry and one-eyed.


Roy is a werewolf and all around good boy. He works for animal control and has dedicated his life to stopping Mister Chik-chik and his dastardly cabal of rodents.